Using photo-curing polymer, this module will allow fast model creation in many colors including crystal clear. High levels of detail are possible.

Filament Extrusion

The Filament Extrusion Module uses rolls of plastic filaments made of ABS, PLA, and others, that are an industry standard. Melted plastic is deposited in a pattern layer by layer until the entire model is reproduced. This is the most common hobbyist type of additive technology.

Scanner Digitizer

When an existing part needs to be duplicated, a special laser and digital camera will scan the object as it rotates in the base. All processing will be done in the module and saved to the base. This allows a printer module to then duplicate the object at the same or different scale.


Ideal for simple signmaking of bas-relief products in wood or plastic. This will fulfill many hobbyist as well as commercial needs.

Experimenters' X/Y

All the work for creating a basic 3 axis motion has been done for the experimenter. All the experimenter has to do is mount the special widget to the module, and modify the open-source software according to instructions we'll provide.