Our goal at OmniMaker is to provide a product that continues to grow with support from the community. Our staff has years of experience with engineering and software development, and we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use product.

OmniMaker is based out of Boulder, CO.

Jay Cassara

Founder, Chief Engineer

Mr. Cassara has decades of software development consulting experience for many large corporations, such as IBM, Toshiba, Pioneer, as well as quite a few start-ups. He has a patent pending for the modularity concept of OmniMaker and holds 2 other patents dealing with 3Dimensional photography. Upon first exposure to hobby printers that ranged in price from $500 a kit to $2,000 for an assembled unit, it became obvious that there was a lot of room for improvement. His motto is “I just like to make things better”

Andy Tracy

Co-Founder, Mechanical Design

Mr. Tracy currently works as an Energy Analyst, developing simulation-based risk analysis software for companies in the energy sector. He is also on the board of Solid State Depot, the Boulder, CO makerspace. Andy studied mechanical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, and enjoys working on projects that combine the worlds of hardware and software. Andy is working on modeling the Omnimaker in CAD software.

Devin Karns

Mechanical Engineer

Currently a Bio-Engineering PhD candidate, Mr. Karns has been involved with OmniMaker from the beginning and has provided valuable engineering insight to OmniMaker. He is the co-founder of ALG Instruments, developing instrumentation for photosynthetic efficiency measurements, and has designed robotic neurosurgical instrumentation for minimally invasive microsurgery. Devin currently resides in Boulder, CO, and Los Angeles, CA.

Lee Miller


Mr. Miller currently works as a physicist consultant for National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). He is a member of the Boulder technology hobby club, Solid State Depot. He has built and enhanced several 3D printers, including his own designs. Lee currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Daniel Baiada

Mechanical and Software Engineer

Mr. Baiada has recently graduated from the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He has been involved with both hardware and software. His selfless efforts have made this project what it is today.

Justin Wilson

Electrical Engineer

Mr. Wilson has designed a critical circuit board that makes the OmniMaker a simple to assemble and enhance product. In addition to his own company, he works for Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England. He currently resides in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Alex Jackson

Mechanical and Software Engineer

Alex is currently enrolled in the Architectural Engineering program at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He has an aptitude for making new things with both hardware and software. In his rare spare time he enjoys being a DJ at the local venues.

David (Rocket Man) Piqueira

Systems Operability Engineer

Although not as speedy as his nickname might imply, Mr. Piqueira has been involved in satelite missions with Ball Aerospace. He graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. He was instrumental in getting the filament extruder module off the ground, so to speak.

Maya (LaserLady) Ward-Karet

Laser Cutter Operator

Maya Ward-Karet graduated from Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture with a Masters of Architecture. She laser-cut all of the acrylic panels for our prototypes. Without her we would have wound up with less accurate and uglier prototypes.

Zach Weinstein

Marketing and Social Media

Currently an Arts and Sciences major at CU Boulder, and with a long history of work in customer service, Zach is charged with marketing and presentation for OmniMaker. Zach resides in Broomfield, Colorado.

Kris Holmquist

Web Design and Development

Kris is a sophomore at CU Boulder and currently resides in Boulder.

Chris O'Brien

Mechanical Engineering and assembly

Mr. O'Brien has been exremely helpful in designing and assembling the prototypes. Even with a heavy school workload at CU Boulder, he still finds time to be very supportive. He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado and catches big trout.